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January 2019

Preventing slips, trips and falls with mats

Written by Peta Florus
Technology and Trends

Slip, trip and fall injuries are the most common injuries in the workplace and probably some of the easiest to prevent. They are also more than likely the last thing you think about in your office.

If the old saying “first impressions last” rings true, branded entrance logo mats are the way to go. Branded entrance logo mats give a warm welcome to guests visiting your establishment and also provide some very good advertising for your brand. With so much competition in the marketplace today, everyone needs a bit of help re-inforcing their brand and mats provide a conduit for effortless brand building and visibility.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, mats have a huge safety role to play in businesses today. As a business or property owner, it is your responsibility by law to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of visitors to your premises. Most workplace injuries are related to slips, trips and falls which are considered minor incidents but which can have a cost implication for the business owner as well as for the injured person.

Sheq Africa reports that 1 out of 6 lost-time work injuries are as a result of slips, trips and falls, and can result in a loss of 11 work days per incident. Injuries can range from minor bruises and scrapes to more serious fractures, and even head trauma.

Mats are an easy way of providing that safety net, especially for those torrential rain showers during the summer months in the Gauteng region. When entering a building, entrance mats provide secure footing, especially in places where the surface area changes, for example from paving to tiles. They prevent dust and dirt being tramped into your building, while also protecting and extending the life of your expensive flooring. There’s nothing tackier than worn or damaged tiles or wooden flooring.

Trapping dust also reduces the number of allergens brought in from outside and can help those who suffer from allergies like hayfever. Initial’s dust mats can hold up to 6kg of dirt and absorb up to 3 litres of water.  In fact, 80% of the dirt that gets tracked into your building could effectively be trapped by our entrance floor mats.

Initial’s water trapping cotton mats are designed for the hospitality or catering environment and they allow staff to pass from a wet area (prep area) and into a dry area (serving area) without the risk of slipping or tracking dirt and grime from the kitchen to the serving area where guests or visitors could be dining or lounging.

Oil trapping rubber mats are ideal for use in greasy environments like kitchens, factories and industrial sites. These mats reduce the risk of slips and falls, and the specially designed cleated backing ensures that the mat stays in place. Initial’s rubber mats also have a high heat tolerance and are well suited to these areas. They can also be used as anti-fatigue mats in areas in which employees are expected to stand for extended periods of time, like in the catering or hospitality environments where staff stand for up to 7 or 8 hours a day. Mats provide comfort by relieving some of the pressure on your neck, back, legs and feet, and improving the circulation. Bank tellers or front desk operators could also benefit from anti-fatigue mats.

If you are in the market for mats, why not consider renting a mat from Initial?

Initial will survey your premises and recommend the correct type of mat for the risks identified. Initial will collect and replace your mats with freshly laundered mats at regular intervals, according to your unique requirements.

Frayed and worn mats can also be a safety risk, but maintaining your mat doesn’t have to be a chore with Initial. Mats are inspected at each service and you can be assured that your mats will remain in good condition.

Read more about Initial’s floor mat services, and how minor incidents can be prevented with our range of rental mats, or contact us today for assistance. 

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Peta Florus

Peta Florus

Peta is the Marketing Analyst at Rentokil Initial and has over the years been exposed to all aspects of both the hygiene and pest businesses, sometimes in too much gruesome detail. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences by adding a humorous twist to her blogs while subtly creating awareness around the benefits of good hygiene, and inspiring people to take up the hygiene challenge and combat germs and pests at home and in the workplace. You can find Peta on Linkedin.

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