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August 2021

Top 5 hygiene products for COVID-19 prevention

Written by Nathalie Leblond
Workplace Hygiene, Hygiene and COVID-19

Our latest blog gives you a checklist of the top 5 Initial products every office needs to maintain basic hygiene standards and for COVID-19 prevention.

2020 was all about surviving a pandemic that none of us could have prepared for, and for many of us, that meant leaving the office to work from home. But with the South African vaccination schedule gaining momentum, soon we are going to be able to think further than mere survival. Employers and employees may actually be able to start thinking about how to thrive post-pandemic, and whether this includes returning to the office. 

For many people, what they miss about the office is the in-person connection, face-to-face collaboration, and mentoring. What they definitely don’t miss are all the hygiene risks associated with being in an enclosed space with other people. So how do employers create safe and hygienic spaces to which employees actually want to return, and which will give employees the opportunity to reconnect (safely) with colleagues and co-workers?

Top 5 hygiene products for COVID-19 prevention:

If you're an office manager or building manager responsible for making sure the office is safe for work (and appealing to come back to), then here are 5 things we believe you can't be without when it comes to good hygiene practices and COVID-19 prevention.

1. Soap and paper towel: 

Top 5 bathroom hygiene products for COVID-19 prevention - soap and paper towels

We've probably written more blogs about handwashing than on any other subject (even COVID-19) and there's a really good reason for that: it's still the number one way to prevent cross-infection.

You may also enjoy reading a round-up of our most popular articles related to handwashing.  

Making sure that your workplace bathrooms are properly equipped with good quality hand soap and a means for drying hands (either paper towel or electric hand dryers - depending on which one best suits your requirements) are absolutely critical to ensuring good hygiene and COVID-19 prevention in your workplace. Read more about why we love soap so much, here

2.SaniGreen hand sanitiser: 

Hand sanitiser products for preventing covid: SaniGreen

By now we all know we need to wash, dry, and sanitise our hands regularly, and especially if we are in shared spaces such as the office, so why not make the hand sanitising experience an enjoyable one for employees who do decide to return to the office?

Our most recent innovation from our sister division Ambius, SaniGreen, aims to meet that brief by housing an elegant, no-touch Signature hand sanitiser within an equally appealing plant stand that includes a live (or silk) plant. You can read more about SaniGreen here


VIRUSKILLER air purifier for covid-19 prevention and protection

Now that we know that Coronavirus can be spread via the air to people, employees considering returning to the office are going to want reassurance that the air they breathe is safe. What better way to provide that reassurance than by installing a VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifier?

VIRUSKILLER™ kills 99.9999% of viruses in a single air pass, including Coronavirus*. Installing these units will improve indoor air quality and stop the airborne transmission of infectious illnesses, making indoor spaces safer and more appealing to employees.

Improving poor indoor air quality with a VIRUSKILLER™ air purification unit will help you with improving overall workplace productivity. Read more about that in our previous blog post.

4. Indoor plants to create social distance (and office ambiance) 

using indoor plants to create social distancing in the office

Adding plants to your workspace is an excellent way to enforce social distancing in a visually appealing way. Troughs can be placed between desks, or in seating areas to enforce social distance. 

In addition to ensuring that colleagues or visitors stay the required distance away from each other (and making your workplace look more appealing) indoor plants are also good for your employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.  According to a 2014 study by the University of Exeter having plants in the workplace significantly increased workplace satisfaction, self-reported levels of concentration, and perceived air quality. They also increased productivity levels by up to 15%. 

Lead researcher Marlon Nieuwenhuis, from Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, said: “Our research suggests that investing in landscaping the office with plants will pay off through an increase in office workers’ quality of life and productivity.“ 

Consider interior landscaping services from Ambius to breathe some fresh air (literally) into your office, and be ready to reap the benefits of employees returning to the office.

5. Surface disinfectant: 

How to disinfect surfaces for covid-19 protection and prevention

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a sudden and urgent need for businesses to visibly demonstrate that they are taking the necessary steps to protect their employees and their customers from cross-contamination, and this includes regular and visible cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces. 

Both cleaning and disinfection can successfully reduce the risk of spreading infection when done properly and thoroughly; when used in conjunction with one another, they can be even more effective. But it’s important to note that only proper disinfection can kill pathogens. Initial offers a range of surface disinfectant solutions for customers that can help minimise the risk of infection in shared spaces. 

We know that it can be daunting trying to make sure that your workplace is safe for all your employees, but that's why we're here to help. Talk to the experts today.

Contact the Initial team to discuss your hygiene requirements

Nathalie Leblond

Nathalie Leblond

I joined Rentokil Initial South Africa in 2004 as the PA to the MD, and after 6 months maternity leave I re-joined the Company in 2009 as the Marketing Co-ordinator for Rentokil. I'm now the Marketing Communication Manager for Rentokil Initial. I'm still terrified of cockroaches (Americana's only!) but the rest of the creepy crawlies we deal with don't really bug me (see what I did there?), so I guess I'm in the right industry! I am passionate about what we do here at Rentokil Initial and also write for our Hygiene Blog, which can be found at blog.initial.co.za, and our Ambius blog - https://www.ambius.co.za/blog. Life outside of Rentokil Initial mostly revolves around my daughter, who has just turned twelve, and my husband (who is a bit older). I love living in Cape Town and wouldn't trade living here for anywhere else in the world.

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