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August 2017

The unhygienic corners of your office

Written by Nicole Horne
Workplace Hygiene

Infographic-office-germ-hot-spots.pngWe all come into contact with various objects and equipment in our workday without really thinking about what we touch.

We enter the office, make a cup of coffee, greet our co-workers, dash off to the bathroom and spend most of our time at our desks. Going about our day we make a few calls, have meetings in the office boardroom, have lunch and so forth. But have you really thought about the impact of your gestures and behaviour?

Since we all use communal office appliances and kitchen utensils and then touch several surfaces during our day at the office, we don’t realise that we may be cross contaminating other areas and spreading bacteria.

So what are the most unhygienic office hot spots?

If you are asking “what must I clean?” you’re on the right track! Take a look at our infographic (pictured to the left) on the top 5 germ hot spots in the office.

The surfaces in the workplace that we touch the most often are:

- Door handles
- The office printer
- Shared equipment
- Your desk
- The kitchen kettle

Your daily cleaners are wiping these surfaces; but how regularly is this actually done, and are they using the right cleaning supplies? Are they just polishing your desk, or are they sanitizing it?

There is a big difference between basic office cleaning and disinfecting items and areas that are regularly handled and touched. It is important to note that while daily office cleaning is necessary, a proper hygiene service will ensure that bacteria is killed and that germ hotspots are properly sterilised to prevent cross contamination.

Our techno hygiene service is the perfect solution to sanitise office equipment; even in-between your keyboard keys where dirt and grime collects. A good idea is to regularly wipe down communal surfaces with sanitising spray or wipes to keep the spread of germs to a minimum.

Want to find out how dirty your laptop is and if you need some help cleaning your office equipment. Try our keyboard cleaning test and find out what is lurking in your keyboard.

Download keyboard hygiene test

Think about this as a win-win situation: less sick days means more productive days spent in the office.

Download our Infographic and stick it up in the office – after all, good hygiene is everyone’s responsibility. 

Download Infographic

Nicole Horne

Nicole Horne

Nicole is a Digital Marketing Executive at Rentokil Initial Hygiene in Johannesburg. A self-proclaimed germaphobe, her love for hygienic environments and curiosity of all things “beneath the surface” fuels her enthusiasm for writing about the impact of germs in the workplace. She is passionate about creating awareness and sharing her knowledge on the impact of good hygiene practices. Follow Nicole on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on the the good, the bad and the germy.

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