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September 2020

Some easy ways to get the men's bathroom up to scratch

Written by Bakang Kganyago
Workplace Hygiene, Bathroom Hygiene

Men’s bathrooms are commonly associated with being more smelly than women’s bathrooms. Keeping the men’s bathroom clean and in a hygienic condition on a daily basis may prove daunting at first, however, how would you feel if I told you that it’s actually not that difficult to break the stereotype and provide a consistently clean bathroom that not only looks the part, but also smells welcoming?

In a previous blog (3 reasons to take your bathroom from better to best) we explored why it’s important for your visitors that your bathroom is well kept, noting that within 30 seconds a customer has decided whether or not they wish to stay at your establishment.

In 2016 Initial did a study surveying 5000 workers in 5 different markets around the globe and they found that 61% of workers wanted cleaner facilities in their place of business and that R306bn (in the UK market) could have been saved if office hygiene standards were improved. This indicates the importance of improving hygiene standards for both your customers and employees.

In this article we will take you through some simple - yet effective - ways to achieve this.

To solve some of the most common issues associated with men’s bathrooms we first have to look at what causes them. I’m going to make an educated guess based on my own experiences, and say that we men need bathroom facilities to be as efficient and easy to use as possible, with enough amenities to cater to the levels of traffic in the bathroom. The less time we spend in there the better, so we prefer not to have to wait to wash or dry our hands.

How to keep men’s bathrooms clean?

Providing enough urinals in public toilets is critical. The more urinals you include, the easier it is to cater to the traffic - while still ensuring that visitors can use the facilities comfortably. For a man, the most awkward bathroom experience is having people behind you, waiting for a urinal, and making you feel rushed.

So to avoid this, ensure that you can accommodate the volume of traffic. This will also prevent visitors from using toilet cubicles as an alternative to urinals, and thus limit the common toilet seat mess that is often a problem in men’s bathrooms. The eco cap urinal solution and urinal sanitiser from Initial will help prevent odour and limescale build up on urinals - an essential part of keeping them hygienic and combating odour.

Another tip to keeping your bathroom hygienic is to include toilet seat sanitisers: these will help visitors feel more comfortable using the cubicle, especially if the seat is messy! I’ve often visited a public bathroom and wished that there was a way for me to sanitise the seat before using it, and then also be able to sanitise the seat afterwards, for the next person.

Deep cleaning - also known as Ablution Hygiene Treatment (AHT) - is an essential addition to your regular daily cleaning. This is because flushing rims, fittings and surrounding areas of each of your toilet cubicles - as well as other bathroom amenities - are exposed to continuous deposits of faecal matter and other harmful bacteria which daily cleaning cannot completely remove on it’s own. You can read more about the difference between daily cleaning and deep cleaning, and how to motivate for deep cleaning in our blog post of the same name.

Additionally, having fully serviced amenities such as soap or sanitiser dispensers that are securely mounted to avoid petty theft, and durable enough to handle frequent use while preventing spillage (which over a long period could cost the business a lot of money) is a non-negotiable. These, coupled with paper towel dispensers and waste bins, will help prevent mess around the basin and used paper towels ending up on the floor.

When evaluating using paper towels versus air hand dryers, consider the amount of traffic your bathroom experiences on a regular basis. Should your bathroom experience high traffic I would recommend using the Dyson Airblade hand dryers as they produce at least 67% less CO2 than some other hand dryers and 62% less than paper towels, with the ability to save over 730,000 paper towels from being produced, transported, and disposed of. Whereas in a bathroom with lower amounts of traffic - such as an executive bathroom - tidyfold paper towels might be more suited for that environment. You can read more about paper vs dryers here.

Lastly, to eliminate unpleasant odours and welcome your bathroom visitors with a fresh environment, including fully maintained air fresheners and air purifiers in your bathroom is a good idea. In our 2-part blog on Air Hygiene we expand on how cutting edge air purifiers can help us improve air quality. We also know from studies done that if a bathroom smells unpleasant, users try to get out quickly and may avoid essential hygiene practices such as hand washing.

When working towards getting a men’s bathroom up to scratch, keep in mind that the quicker the visitor can use the facilities without having to wait to use a urinal, wash or dry their hands, the more they are to engage in good hygiene behaviours. Download our Guide to Bathroom Hygiene for more information, or contact our team for more information.

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Bakang Kganyago

Bakang Kganyago

Bakang is a Digital Marketing Executive for Rentokil Initial. A germaphobe at heart, he's passionate about learning and sharing insights on how to defeat the enemy we cannot see. Join his journey as he writes about the impact of germs in our daily lives.

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