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September 2019

Revolting Rhyme 2 | What can happen when you don’t wash your hands

Written by Lemay Rogers
Germy Rhymes

“Wash your hands!”, you’ve heard mom say,
from dusk till dawn, every single day.
“Why do I need to wash them?” you think,
every time you need to eat or drink.Making sure food is cooked properly is the first step.
Before you dig in you need to get your hands wet.
Add some soap and rub-a-dub-dub,
rinse and dry your hands, and then get into your grub.

Because if you don’t wash your hands,
you might be in for some unfortunate plans.
When your tummy starts to rumble,
and your stomach feels like a wild jungle,
when you’re running in a panic to the loo,
you'll have no one else to blame but you.
If only you had washed your hands before you ate,
You might not be in such a horrible state.

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Lemay Rogers

Lemay Rogers

Lémay Rogers is the Marketing Manager for Rentokil Initial's Sub-Saharan Africa region. When not contributing to the Rentokil Initial blogs, she is the custodian of all things Marketing for Rentokil Initial Sub-Saharan Africa. As a frequent traveller AND mother of a pre-schooler, she is all too aware of how easily germs can travel with us, from one location to another and then back to our homes. Follow Lémay on Twitter and LinkedIn for practical pest control advice on good hygiene practices, both at home and in the workplace.

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