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July 2019

Revolting Rhyme 1 | Aunty Flow

Written by Lemay Rogers
Germy Rhymes

She goes by many names around the world,

and shares a different experience with every lady and girl,

but many of us know her as ‘Aunty Flow’,

and oh boy, sometimes she can ruin your panties and clothes.

She’s seen as a blessing and often a curse,

because of the knock she has on your purse.

From cups and sponges to tampons and pads,

these are just some of the things Aunty Flow needs you to have.

Sadly, some don’t have the right things to deal with Flow’s mess

And that makes her visit even more of a stress.

For those who do,

have a tampon or few,

Please don't dispose of them down the loo.

A clogged toilet that can lead to a flood,

is NOT something to deal with when we’re dealing with blood.

A clean, tidy, bathroom bin,

is what you should dispose of your menstrual products in.

Wrap them in toilet paper,

chuck them in -  “See ya later!’

Washing your hands goes without saying,

and wipe the seat if blood goes straying.

Give a fellow girl a hand, 

If Aunty Flow comes to town unplanned.

Download our myths and facts about menstural hygiene posters and makes sure everyone in your team is in the know. For more rhymes, download our Germy Rhymes Activity book.

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Lemay Rogers

Lemay Rogers

Lémay Rogers is the Marketing Manager for Rentokil Initial's Sub-Saharan Africa region. When not contributing to the Rentokil Initial blogs, she is the custodian of all things Marketing for Rentokil Initial Sub-Saharan Africa. As a frequent traveller AND mother of a pre-schooler, she is all too aware of how easily germs can travel with us, from one location to another and then back to our homes. Follow Lémay on LinkedIn for practical pest control advice and good hygiene practices, both at home and in the workplace.

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