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November 2017

Minding your Pee's and Q's

Written by Peta Florus
Cleanliness and Hygiene

Ever wonder why some urinals have colourful round mats over the drain, or ice in them? Do they actually serve a purpose, and what is that purpose? Do the mats match the decor of the bathroom in the latest shades of summer, is the ice just to look ‘cool’? Does all this encourage men to aim or maybe it’s a game to see who can melt the most ice cubes?

Although the men’s bathrooms are generally out of bounds to us females, at Initial we have a bit of insight into what happens in the bathroom.

But first, a little bit about the ice cubes; in the good ‘ole’ days before flush urinals, bar keepers had nowhere to discard used ice. What better place than into a urinal? Besides providing encouragement to aim, the ice would gradually and constantly melt away and flush away the urine and - hopefully -  all the bad smells along with it.

Now for some science; warm air rises and the cold ice cools the urine which will minimise odour from being dispersed into your bathroom. Genius right! I’m sure this was a woman’s plan, but let us not take credit for that.

Moving on to later years; colourful round mats in a choice of fragrances from cherry to melon, placed into your urinal. These encourage aim (yes), but mostly they are supposed to absorb malodour while releasing a pleasant fragrance. They also block foreign objects from entering the outlet and clogging your drains, and minimise splashback. Urinal mats last about 30 days, but may need to be replaced more often depending on the level of bathroom traffic.

In a party mood? How about cakes or mints? Specially designed for the urinal in a variety of colours and fragrances, these will suppress foul odours in your bathrooms and prevent blockages just like the mats. Whatever you do though, “don’t eat the mints!”

And then came the revolution: Initial’s eco cap for urinals! The eco cap is the only water saving product that fits all flushable urinals. Water saving, really? With Initial’s patented eco-cap, urinals only require two flushes per day. Now, isn’t that a positive impact on the environment!

The Eco caps dispenses a friendly bacteria which doesn’t mask odours but actually neutralises them, and also prevents the buildup of uric acid scale, thus keeping the pipework clean and free flowing. The unique design blocks the entry of foreign objects like cigarette butts or chewing gum while still allowing the friendly bacteria to be dispersed. It is fixed to the outlet pipe so it won’t move around like a pee mat or urinal cake could. Best of all, it provides your daily cleaner with peace of mind that the unit is serviced and maintained by trained professionals.

To complete the bathroom experience, Initial provides an intensive deep clean service which will ensure visiting your bathroom will be a pleasant experience.

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Peta Florus

Peta Florus

Peta is the Marketing Analyst at Rentokil Initial and has over the years been exposed to all aspects of both the hygiene and pest businesses, sometimes in too much gruesome detail. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences by adding a humorous twist to her blogs while subtly creating awareness around the benefits of good hygiene, and inspiring people to take up the hygiene challenge and combat germs and pests at home and in the workplace. You can find Peta on Linkedin.

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