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February 2018

How Initial gave an SME peace of mind during their move to new premises [case study]

Written by Peta Florus
Workplace Hygiene

Do you have time to manage your next office move?

Whichever way you look at it, moving offices is a daunting task. You have to think of a host of things from access control to telephony, network points to removal companies and more importantly: Do you have the time to manage the move?

Bathroom facilities are probably the last thing on your mind when you decide to move your business to alternate premises, but this could be the a real contentious issue with your staff.

Sure, you’ll make it a priority to have enough bathrooms for the number of staff you have, but only once the building has been cleared or you’ve moved in will you be able to see the actual state of the bathrooms. Having someone project manage such a mammoth task is really the way to go, but if you are doing it inhouse, maybe Initial could take care of your bathroom concerns.

What do you do when you need to oversee a move, but don’t have the manpower to tend to basic bathroom facilities?

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When one of our customers moved his 200 seater contact centre into new premises, he found the bathrooms had no fixtures of any kind ie no soap dispensers; no hand drying facilities or sanitary disposal for the ladies.

The cleaning and maintenance staff provided by Building Management had a huge undertaking to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the entire facility. The options were to either (a) outsource the hygiene of the offices; or (b) employ more maintenance staff. Having an existing relationship with the Initial team and discussing these issues with their representative, they entrusted their bathroom hygiene to us.

The Problem: foul odours and insufficient consumables

Our Initial team surveyed the entire premises, interviewed the cleaning team as well as some of the key staff. Some of the issues highlighted were:

  • Smelly bathrooms
  • The buildup of uric acid in the toilet bowls
  • Messy soap
  • Hand towels that always ran out

The Solution: Dealing with the problem and providing peace of mind

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Initial’s solution is to always tackle the root cause of the problem, but also keeping in mind that our environment needs protecting too. The intensive deep cleaning service included sanitising the toilets and urinals, all the bathroom fixtures and surfaces, using patented bio-enzymes which are 100% environmentally friendly to remove the build up of scale, dirt and faecal deposits.

 Daily cleaners only reach the visible surfaces, but our trained hygiene specialists reach those places where build up is most commonly overlooked ie recesses, fittings and under the flushing rim. With water saving in mind, our service uses chemical cleaning and not high pressure water cleaners to remove the scale build up.

After the first service the results could already be seen, and staff were feeling more comfortable using the facilities.

Coupled with the intensive deep cleaning, a unique anti-bacterial biocidal fogging treatment was carried out. This treatment reaches cracks and crevices where regular cleaning is inaccessible and leaves a protective barrier which combats bacteria long after the service has been completed, giving staff peace of mind that the area is bacteria free and therefore odour free.

Toilet and urinal sanitizer units were fitted which dispense bio enzyme fluid into the flushing water ensuring there is no uric acid build up.

initial 4.jpg

Basic bathroom essentials like waterless hand sanitizing dispensers and soap units were fitted as well as Sanitary bins for the ladies, and urinal domes in the male bathrooms.

initial 5.jpg

With the bathrooms being much larger than the average 3 cubicle bathroom, a more robust odour neutralising air freshener unit was fitted. Only 1 was required in each of the 6-cubicle facilities which has proven to be highly effective in these bathrooms.

A marked improvement in bathroom hygiene is noted and staff have peace of mind that the bathrooms have been thoroughly cleaned and are bacteria free.

We are offering a free trial of our deep cleaning service so you can experience the benefits of our deep cleaning and antibacterial fogging treatment for your business, first hand! 

Find out more about our deep cleaning service

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Peta Florus

Peta Florus

Peta is the Marketing Analyst at Rentokil Initial and has over the years been exposed to all aspects of both the hygiene and pest businesses, sometimes in too much gruesome detail. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences by adding a humorous twist to her blogs while subtly creating awareness around the benefits of good hygiene, and inspiring people to take up the hygiene challenge and combat germs and pests at home and in the workplace. You can find Peta on Linkedin.

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