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February 2022

Can increased hygiene measures give your rental property the edge?

Written by Peta Florus
Cleanliness and Hygiene

Can improving the hygiene levels in your rental property give you the edge and increase your return on investment? We believe it can, as consumers' attitudes to hygiene have changed over the course of the pandemic. 

So much has changed across all aspects of our lives since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020. How we work and how we live have seen the greatest transformations.

We've also seen a shift in the property market over the course of the last 2 years. There has been a noticeable increase in the demand for apartments or rental properties. With more corporates embracing flexible working arrangements and emphasising improved employee work-life balance and wellness, rental homes need to be comfortable enough to use as a work from home base.

Tenants get to enjoy the perks of a home without being tied into a long-term commitment and unforeseen costs. In many cases, tenants can live in homes that they may not be able to finance through a home loan,” said Grant Smee, managing director of Only Realty Group.

office blocks in a post covid society

A recent news article highlighted the growing trend of converting office blocks into residential spaces, some of which can already be seen in high-end precincts around Johannesburg and Cape Town. A number of these converted spaces boast high-end appliances, hardwood floors, uncapped Wi-Fi and so on. Others offer amenities like in-house gyms and shared work-from-home offices or business centres. Concierge, rooftop areas, meeting pods and cafes are just some of the more modern trendy additions.

However, landlords are seeing healthy, sustained demand for rental properties in the price bracket of R7,000 – R10,000 per month. “This puts pressure on Cape Town CBD and the Atlantic Seaboard areas where rentals are significantly higher, and yields (returns) are under major pressure.” 

So how should landlords be attracting tenants to these high-end rentals? What more could one ask for?

How about considering measures to improve the ‘indoor air quality at your properties? 

While we cannot control outside influences, we can add measures to improve the air quality indoors. Some would even argue that air quality is a top priority today. It certainly is a topic being mentioned more often in the media. Along with regular hygiene cleaning and disinfection, wouldn’t you agree that the addition of air purification would make your property a more attractive one to tenants?

Attitudes to hygiene have changed 

As we have discussed before on Insights, our Global Hygiene Reset report recently examined the pandemic’s influence on people’s attitudes, behaviours and expectations about hygiene.

We surveyed 20,000 people across 20 countries - including South Africa - to build a global perspective and what the report found was that the pandemic has created a new benchmark in hygiene expectations - and that many of the practices adopted by people to keep themselves and others safe have become second nature and are likely to remain. People have higher hygiene expectations than ever before.  

Landlords that embrace this shift in their tenants fundamental mindsets about hygiene and implement integrated hygiene strategies in their properties will be better placed to attract and keep tenants of good standing.  (“The term good standing is used a lot in our industry. It refers to tenants with a good credit record and track record who pay their monthly rentals on time each month,” said Smee.)

Why use a professional hygiene supplier?

At Initial, we are very aware of how ‘indoor air quality’ can enhance your environment by removing unpleasant odours, viruses, bacteria and particulate matter from the air.

Our range of Air Purifiers includes the InspireAir72 and VIRUSKILLER™ both of which are effective in removing airborne viruses, moulds and neutralizing harmful gases and VOCs. The premium HEPA filters prevent the spread of pollen, pet dander, and other particulates, and help to alleviate allergy symptoms from common airborne allergens. 

The VIRUSKILLER™ unit has been tried and tested for over 17 years, and use a unique combination of medical grade pre-filters and a UV reactor chamber that delivers clean air. Read more on how VIRUSKILLER™ differs from other air purifiers, in our article: 'VIRUSKILLER FAQs: the 10 most common questions we hear'.

Along with other hygiene factors in the property market, we think that ‘clean air’ should be high on everyone’s agenda going forward. Contact us today for a free hygiene survey and see for yourself providing your tenants with ‘clean air’ can give your property the edge. 

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Peta Florus

Peta Florus

Peta has been part of Rentokil Initial family for a number of years with research and analysis being her core functions. She enjoys writing the occasional blogs for the pest and hygiene businesses sharing information and expertise on our specialist services. In her private time and being a mom of two teenagers, walks on the beach is the next best thing to spending quality family time.

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