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November 2021

5 Businesses you wouldn't expect to need a VIRUSKILLER air purifier

Written by Bakang Kganyago
Air Quality
In this blog, we take a look at a few businesses or industries that you may not have expected to need a VIRUSKILLER air purifier.  


We’ve already blogged about the importance of air purification, highlighting the dangers of exposure to indoor air pollutants, and that they can cause chronic illnesses such as stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and acute respiratory infections. 

Additionally, we've also shared that poor indoor air quality has been linked to a reduction in a person’s ability to perform specific mental tasks requiring concentration, calculation, and memory which negatively impact work productivity. In addition, prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality increases the risk of contracting an illness, as ultrafine particulate matter (PM2.5) that enters the bloodstream has been shown to aid the transmission of viruses.

6 businesses you may not have thought needed air purification: 

Certain industries - such as healthcare - are obvious candidates for needing air purifiers. However, in this blog, we take a look at 6 industries that could benefit from VIRUSKILLER technology that you probably weren't aware of.

1. Construction companies

Importance of air purification within the construction industry for good air hygiene

Construction and restoration companies produce a lot of airborne dust and debris as part of their regular day to day operations. This causes air quality issues when working indoors. Furthermore, a lot of the materials used - such as plywood and fibreboards, glues and adhesives - produce a strong smelling gas called formaldehyde, which can cause many adverse effects on the body - including causing several types of cancer.

2. Vehicle and other machine repair shops

Why air purification is important for car repair shops with machinery in enclosed spaces

Much like manufacturing companies, auto repair shops and the like work in conditions where their operations produce dust and debris which isn’t good for air quality, eg. metal particles from welding and soldering.

Furthermore, people who work in such establishments are often exposed to different types of gases such as petroleum, carbon monoxide (CO) emitted by car exhausts, gas used for welding and paint fumes.

3. Dry Cleaning/Laundry shops

Air hygiene in dry cleaning and laundry shops

Did you know that dry cleaning operations emit hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOC)?  These pollutants can contribute to health problems that may affect employees and customers. The main source of the pollutants stem from the solvent used in the cleaning process, which are known to contain perchloroethylene (perc) and petroleum. Perc is known to cause cancer in humans while the petroleum may release HAP and VOCs

4. Photocopying and printing businesses

Laser printers produce volatile organic compounds which may be detrimental to air health

This also includes other businesses that require a lot of printing in their operations. A study conducted by the International Laboratory for Air Quality & Health concluded that many laser printers produce VOCs that are detrimental to your health, and as such, it is advised that printers be placed away from people and air purifiers be installed.

5. Sewage treatment/removal and other speciality industries

Air health in the treatment of sewage  treatment

The conditions that require the need for VIRUSKILLER in the sewage treatment industry might be a little “on the nose”. Not only are the “products” they work with bad for your health due to the carbon monoxide produced, they also regularly use chemicals and toxic materials that may permeate the air and which aren’t good to be exposed to for prolonged periods of time

6. Health, wellness and beauty businesses

Air hygiene and purification within health, wellness and beauty settings

In this case we are referring to health and wellness businesses that we haven’t mentioned in previous blogs, such as yoga studios, gyms, spas, and beauty salons. General hygiene is important in these industries for health and branding reasons as consumers expect a high level of cleanliness and envision an improvement of their health when frequenting these establishments.

Other businesses and industries that need air purifiers due to pollutants produced:

  • Upholstery and foam businesses
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Vinyl flooring and carpet businesses
  • Composite wood manufacturers

Initial has the solution:

It's important to provide a hygienic and safe environment for your employees, customers and those within your duty of care more so now than ever before. The quality of your indoor air can often be overlooked and you’d be surprised which businesses are in need of air care solutions.

To find out what other consumers think about air quality, download our infographic. You may also be interested in download our brochure, or contact us for further information.

Find out what consumers have to say about air quality in a consumer survey from Rentokil-Initial

Bakang Kganyago

Bakang Kganyago

Bakang is a Digital Marketing Executive for Rentokil Initial. A germaphobe at heart, he's passionate about learning and sharing insights on how to defeat the enemy we cannot see. Join his journey as he writes about the impact of germs in our daily lives.

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