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March 2017

How to: boost hygiene levels in your bathrooms

Written by Nicole Horne
Cleanliness and Hygiene

People expect a little bit of style from their bathrooms. They want gleaming tiles, sparkling urinals and the kind of lighting usually reserved for plush Hollywood movies.

What they certainly don't want or expect is a dirt-encrusted, filthy bathroom that they feel too disgusted to use! But in a large majority of cases, this is are exactly what they get. It’s the reason why sites exist which review public bathrooms, and why we try our hardest to provide the best in bathroom hygiene services.

We stock the finest in bathroom appliances and we understand that there are hygiene hot spots that will make your clients decide whether they’re in hygiene heaven or hell.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few unhygienic situations and found a few of our products that could help solve them.

Poor hand hygiene facilities

The sink is the endpoint of the customer cycle when it comes to bathrooms, the logical conclusion to your visit, and it’ll be a less than satisfactory end if your hand washing and drying facilities are substandard.

The solution: Our electric hand dryers and paper hand towel dispensers will leave customers satisfied that germs have been removed from their hands, so you can rest easy that the hand hygiene is taken care of.

An unpleasant smell

Foul smells are inevitable even in low-traffic bathrooms, and they’ll be the first thing that hits a customer when they enter your washroom. In some cases, they might put a person off entirely.

What’s more, smells can carry airborne bacteria, meaning a pong could be loaded with the potential for illness.

The solution: To ensure that your bathroom smells the way it should, we’d recommend our air fresheners. These will provide a pleasant scent and ensure a hygiene heaven for bathroom visitors.

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Unsightly sinks

There are few excuses for sinks covered in mildew or other dirt, especially if your bathrooms are inspected thoroughly, and often. But sometimes sinks will be dirtier than we’d like, and some could be harbouring many invisible germs.

The solution: Our deep cleaning bathroom treatment makes use of patented, environmentally-friendly bio enzyme preparations to remove unhygienic scale and build-up, and to sanitise bathroom fixtures and surfaces and ensure optimal bathroom and toilet hygiene.

These are only a few suggestions. To find more of these perfect bathroom hygiene solutions, check out our website or contact us to get an audit of your companies unique hygiene needs.

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Nicole Horne

Nicole Horne

Nicole is a Digital Marketing Executive at Rentokil Initial Hygiene in Johannesburg. A self-proclaimed germaphobe, her love for hygienic environments and curiosity of all things “beneath the surface” fuels her enthusiasm for writing about the impact of germs in the workplace. She is passionate about creating awareness and sharing her knowledge on the impact of good hygiene practices. Follow Nicole on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on the the good, the bad and the germy.

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