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May 2021

Behind the design of the next air care revolution: VIRUSKILLER™

Written by Nathalie Leblond
Hygiene and COVID-19, Air Quality

Initial is proud to announce an agreement to distribute the VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifier range. VIRUSKILLER™ is the only air purifier proven to kill 99.9999% of viruses with a single air pass, including Coronavirus*. 

Find out why VIRUSKILLER™ is the best of the air purification methods available to fight Coronavirus. 

Why are air purification methods so important during the pandemic?

Both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) have updated their websites to recognise that the Coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person via aerosols in the air under certain conditions, including spending time in enclosed spaces, prolonged exposure to respiratory particles – generated by shouting, singing, and exercising – and inadequate ventilation which causes a build-up of suspended respiratory droplets and particles.

Despite WHO and CDC recognition that aerosol transmission is a risk, research commissioned by Rentokil Initial revealed a lack of awareness of this risk amongst the general public. Just 22% of those surveyed were concerned about catching Coronavirus from contaminated air.

Interestingly, the research did find that 64% of respondents were more concerned about the air quality in indoor environments now than they were prior to the pandemic. As a result of these concerns, 59% of consumers believe indoor air-cleaning devices should be mandatory in public buildings and educational facilities. Additionally, 41% believe that facemasks do not do enough to protect them against catching Coronavirus from contaminated air. Find out more by downloading the infographic results of the survey.

Download Infographic

Why is  VIRUSKILLER™ the best air purification system available?

Unlike traditional air purifiers that ‘trap’ airborne particles and microbes, the VIRUSKILLER™ also decontaminates the air. When placed correctly the unit takes control of the airflow in a room, drawing potentially contaminated air away from occupants in the room, where it enters the VIRUSKILLER™ unit and is exposed to three distinct stages of treatment:

1. Triple filtration

A robust and high-end triple filtration system (which includes a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and high-grade HEPA filter) forms the first line of defence against airborne particulates, gases, fumes, and allergens by removing airborne particulates and ultrafine particles. 

2. Activated carbon:

Next, activated carbon neutralizes toxic gases and VOC's. You can read more about the dangers of VOC's in this blog post here.

3. Patented UV-C:

Finally, bioaerosols and viral pathogens that can pass through traditional filters are deactivated in a patented, high power UV-C Reactor Chamber. The patented UV-C lamps are surrounded by a mesh of chromed Nano titanium dioxide tube filters that are polished with activated carbon.

The emitted UV light reacts with the mesh, and in a process called ‘photocatalytic oxidation’ produces germicidal hydroxyl radicals, which act as a disinfectant to efficiently deactivate viruses, bacteria**, mould, and fungi.

Clean air is then delivered back into the room's occupants breathing zone, providing world-class, real-time indoor air protection.

The importance of the breathing zone:

Conventionally, the "breathing zone" is defined as the zone within a 20 - 25cm radius of a worker's nose and mouth. When sick people cough, sneeze, laugh or talk, they spread thousands of droplets containing as many as hundreds of millions of infectious particles into the air. These droplets can float along until they enter someone else's breathing zone. 
VIRUSKILLER's™ precision airflow control draws contaminated air away from occupants, expelling clean, fresh air into the breathing zone of the room.

Deactivating Coronavirus - an expert's view:

Dr Colm Moore, Area Technical Manager UK, Ireland and the Baltics, Rentokil Initial says:

Unlike traditional air purification systems, the UV-C technology provides a photochemical deconstruction of the RNA and DNA of microorganisms, deactivating their reproductive processes so that the Coronavirus, and other viruses, can no longer spread before the air is released back into the room.

Its ability to kill 99.9999% of viruses with a single air pass, including Coronavirus, is what really sets this technology apart. Take the following scenario: if you had one million viruses passing through a VIRUSKILLER, just a single virus would be recirculated. This compared to the 500 viruses that would pass through when using a traditional filtration device (99.95%).’

Easy to use, simple to install:

VIRUSKILLER™ air purification units are stand-alone, plug-and-play devices perfectly suited to rooms of various sizes. However, placement of the units is very important, as breathing zones and airflow must be taken into account, as well as minimizing obstructions.

Our qualified sales consultants will survey your premises, taking into account the size of the space, relevant breathing zones, the number of people using the space, any obstructions and any other ventilation systems within the room in order to recommend the right unit for your requirements.

Initial believe that VIRUSKILLER™ could play an important role as people look to resume their normal lives, providing confidence and peace of mind that airborne transmission is far less likely in indoor environments where VIRUSKILLER™ is installed. 

VIRUSKILLER™ will play a crucial role in helping to break the ‘chain of infection’, by taking control of the airflow in a room. Once installed, businesses should still ensure that proper hand hygiene and social distancing measures are practiced. Download our brochure for more about the VIRUSKILLER™range of air purifiers.VIRUSKILLER Product Brochure

* When independently tested against Coronavirus DF2 (a surrogate for Coronavirus), Adenovirus, Influenza and Polio, the unit was found to kill 99.9999% of viruses on a single air pass.

**When independently tested against reference bacteria (Klebsiella pneumoniae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphyloccus aureus subsp. Aureus, Streptoccocus pneumoniae, Streptococcus pyogenes, Escherichia coli), the unit was found to kill 99.9999% of bacteria on a single air pass.

Nathalie Leblond

Nathalie Leblond

I joined Rentokil Initial South Africa in 2004 as the PA to the MD, and after 6 months maternity leave I re-joined the Company in 2009 as the Marketing Co-ordinator for Rentokil. I'm now the Marketing Communication Manager for Rentokil Initial. I'm still terrified of cockroaches (Americana's only!) but the rest of the creepy crawlies we deal with don't really bug me (see what I did there?), so I guess I'm in the right industry! I am passionate about what we do here at Rentokil Initial and also write for our Hygiene Blog, which can be found at blog.initial.co.za, and our Ambius blog - https://www.ambius.co.za/blog. Life outside of Rentokil Initial mostly revolves around my daughter, who has just turned twelve, and my husband (who is a bit older). I love living in Cape Town and wouldn't trade living here for anywhere else in the world.

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