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March 2019

7 of the funniest bathroom posters [gallery]

Written by Bakang Kganyago
Workplace Hygiene

Have you ever found yourself walking into a restroom and coming across a lighthearted poster, lightening up what would normally be a rather mundane trip to the loo?

Here at Initial have decided to focus on the lighter side of bathroom etiquette with a look at some of the funniest posters we have come across in our bathroom travels.(https://www.zazzle.com/funny+bathroom+signs+posters)

Is there anything worse than running out of toilet paper? A good reminder to stock up. Initial sell toilet paper as part of our consumable range - call 0800 777788 for a quote.


Quite the double entendre, some encouragement that might leave you blushing.


Informative with a little chuckle and motivation at the end


Hilarious take on how people tend to give the toilet a “hug” after having one too many drinks. I wonder if there are official stats on that...


Imagine if the T-Virus (the fictional virus often blamed for starting the zombie apocalypse) could be prevented by simply washing your hands...


This sign makes me wonder how often this happened before it became an official rule in this  bathroom!


Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Bathroom acoustics checked and ready, let the show begin. And remember, no laughing…

These posters are hilarious and kudos to all the creatives out there. You will notice that most of them try and address a bathroom etiquette "gripe" in a fun way. Ultimately bathroom hygiene is important for your business and your personal health. Posters are a great way to address issues and give your colleagues a gentle reminder of bathroom etiquette at the same time.

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Bakang Kganyago

Bakang Kganyago

Bakang is a Digital Marketing Executive for Rentokil Initial. A germaphobe at heart, he's passionate about learning and sharing insights on how to defeat the enemy we cannot see. Join his journey as he writes about the impact of germs in our daily lives.

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