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August 2019

5 Rentokil Initial products that would make you more comfortable at the dentist

Written by Nathalie Leblond
Health and Safety

If I had to do a snap poll of things that people put off doing (generally until it’s too late) I’m sure that going to the dentist would be fairly high up the list. Going to the dentist is the sort of thing you don’t do until it’s absolutely necessary and by then, it’s usually because there’s a problem. And dental problems are often sore (and expensive!) further reinforcing that feedback loop…

In fact, an article on Everyday health listed the top reasons why people avoid going to the dentist as:

  1. Cost - especially if you don't have a medical aid that covers dental work
  2. Dental anxiety - being afraid of the dentist’s office
  3. Fear of needing additional, expensive dental work to rectify problems
  4. Fear of dental instruments, injections and scary procedures
  5. Bad memories of the dentist formed as a child (when one was told “not to be afraid” and immediately knew there was something to be afraid of!)

So I thought I would take a look at 5 products offered by Rentokil Initial that could definitely make your next trip to the dentist less of an ordeal.

  1. Interior plants and art on canvas:

    And there you were thinking this was just going to be a hygiene post…

    Ambius - a division of Rentokil Initial - provides interior plants for the workplace. We are the experts in installing and servicing indoor plant displays for all kinds of South African workplaces, including the medical fraternity.

    Research has shown that not only do plants reduce stress in the workplace (and I'm not sure about you but I would definitely prefer my dentist to NOT be stressed when he starts wielding the drill in my mouth) but a view of nature can also help patients to heal faster in hospitals.

    I’d like to think that the presence of interior plants in my dentist’s rooms might also make me feel less stressed… And if the pants don’t work, then a selection of rental art on canvas from Ambius will brighten up the walls to make the dental practice feel more welcoming, or more relaxing - depending on the art you choose. Art on canvas from Ambius is available in a wide range of themes to suit just about any decor (even a dentist’s rooms!)

  2. Scenting:

    We’ve talked about the power of scent on our blog before, and how smell, emotion and memory are very closely linked. I wonder if perhaps some of the anxiety associated with visiting the dentist is linked to the smells - and the memories of smells- we associate with dental procedures?
    Scenting could positively impact patients’ perceptions of the dentist’s rooms by making the rooms feel less medical, and more spa like. Fragrances can be chosen to evoke specific moods or feelings, so choosing a calming, relaxing scent will alleviate patients’ anxiety without them even realising it.

  3. Entrance Mats:

    I’m sure that when you arrive at the dentist’s practice, your mind is probably on the upcoming procedure.  The last thing you’d want to happen is to walk in and slip on a dirty or wet floor! As well as being aesthetically pleasing and inviting, entrance mats have a huge safety role to play in any practice.

    Most workplace injuries are related to slips, trips and falls which are considered minor incidents but which can have a cost implication for the business owner as well as for the injured person. Read more about how you prevent slip trips and falls with mats from Initial, as well as make your business more welcoming

  4. Hand washing and drying solutions:

    I for one want to be certain that my dentist has the best hand hygiene practices in place before he starts fiddling around inside my mouth. Even though they wear latex gloves, dentists - like all medical practitioners - should follow a strict hand hygiene routine that includes regular hand washing, drying and sanitising.  Initial provides a range of hand hygiene solutions to ensure that the best hand hygiene practices are followed.

  5. Sharps and medical waste disposal unit:

    Dentists make use of needles and other medical sharps, and these need to be disposed of correctly. I’d certainly rest easier in my own mind knowing that my dentist was doing the right thing and disposing of their sharps and other medical waste (such as used swabs) correctly and according to legislation.

    Incorrectly disposed of medical waste is a huge risk to both the environment and the public, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable visiting a dental or medical practice where they did not take this seriously.  If you are wondering whether you need a medical waste disposal service, this blog can help you decide.

I read somewhere that Alfred P Southwick - steam-boat engineer, dentist and inventor from Buffalo, New York-based his design for the electric chair on a modified dental chair; 
possibly another reason why so many of us fear the dentist!  Having said that, if our dental practitioners implement the suggestions above, I’d like to think that a routine visit would become something to look (almost) forward to, rather than dread. 

For more information on our range of Initial products, contact us or sign up to our blog for regular updates on products services and everything hygiene related. You can also view our resources page for helpful download.  

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Nathalie Leblond

Nathalie Leblond

I joined Rentokil Initial South Africa in 2004 as the PA to the MD, and after 6 months maternity leave I re-joined the Company in 2009 as the Marketing Co-ordinator for Rentokil. I'm now the Marketing Communication Manager for Rentokil Initial. I'm still terrified of cockroaches (Americana's only!) but the rest of the creepy crawlies we deal with don't really bug me (see what I did there?), so I guess I'm in the right industry! I am passionate about what we do here at Rentokil Initial and also write for our Hygiene Blog, which can be found at www.initial.co.za. Life outside of Rentokil mostly revolves around my daughter, who has just turned nine and my husband (who is a bit older). I love living in Cape Town and wouldn't trade living here for anywhere else in the world.

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